Hamster Cage: Complete Guide to Choosing a Cage for Your Hamster

Hamster Cage

There’s nothing more important than finding the right habitat for your fuzzy little buddy when you buy yourself a hamster.

You can be shocked to learn that the difference between having an excited and happy new pet and having a stressed-out hamster desperate to escape may be due to the choice of habitat.

We have incredibly well-researched tips to help you find the right setting for your new critter, whether you have a huge Syrian hamster that requires a vast amount of space or a tiny robo that needs an adorable habitat.

Top 5 hamster cages

We consider a wide range of variables to provide you with a detailed ranking for each hamster cage.

These considerations include characteristics, composition, usability, ease of cleaning, and the value at the current price they offer.

This table will direct you to choose the cage with the best overall features and pick the right size and materials for your hamster’s personal needs.

Living world deluxe habitat

Give your pet the ‘Living World Deluxe Habitat‘ gift, one of the best hamster cage options on the market.

This cage with highly modern metal wiring is easy to assemble and will keep your cuddly little fur buddy happy and looking fantastic in his new home.

This enclosure is equipped with a spacious balcony and a cozy hideout under the ramp, making your hamster feel like the king of the kingdom of rodents.

Also, tip & drip, dish, and water bottles prove more nutrition for him and less washing for you. The hybrid cage provides your hamster with easy access and makes it easier than ever to feed and clean.

The material is built of a wireframe with a plastic foundation, making the living world deluxe habitat a lightweight but durable choice, built with the best quality possible.

Accessories are included to give your hamster even more space to function, and the water bottle sits on the outside of the cage.


Buyers have spoken highly of the excellent ventilation and overall luxuries offered with this product.

Many reviewers explicitly noted that this was the best cage they have been owned to date, citing the elegant look and improved comfort level they have found in their hamsters since their new cage arrived on their doorstep.

Customers have also enjoyed the simple assembly and have always left positive reviews thanking Living World for providing a no-tools-required configuration product.

While some reviewers have commented on the difficulties of cleaning this cage, this may result from first owning a hamster by the customers and not yet familiar with the work needed to maintain the hamster’s cage.

Prevue cage products 528 universal small animal home

This cage feature includes easy access, as you can easily reach in to feed or catch your hamster through the side or roof doors conveniently positioned.

It also consists of a wire spacing, which is ideal to ensure your favorite furry buddy won’t be able to escape from his house.

When it comes to ensuring that your hamster is placed in a healthy environment, consistency is of the utmost importance.

This is why we appreciate the fact that all Prevue cages are expected to undergo independent laboratory testing to ensure that they meet and exceed all safety regulations.

The extra-deep 61⁄4 tubby base is another fantastic feature, meaning even more room for movement and exercise with added privacy to make your hamster feel more at home than ever before.


Reviewers have been extremely pleased with this offer from Prevue pets, especially with clear-cut improvements in size and features over the cages they have previously bought from pet stores.

The most popular praise for this cage is its spaciousness and comfortable design, as well as the attractiveness of its lightweight and simple structure to hold.

There have been a few reports that have knocked Prevue Pets for lack of robustness. While there will still have to be give-and-take in the balance of weight and robustness, it is apparent that this was not a concern for the mass majority of reviewers. The portability and lightweight construction far outweigh any drawbacks identified.

Besides, this cage provides many access points on the top and bottom, leaving new owners surprised and very happy with how easy it is to clean this cage.

Amazon basics pet habitat

Give your hamster home with the ‘Amazon Basics Small Animal Habitat‘ product that they deserve at a very affordable price.

This hamster cage is easy to set up and includes an enticing balcony with an access ramp, a tip-proof food dish, and a non-drip bottle of water, as well as many great additional features.

The hideaway below gives your furry bunny their much-needed sense of privacy but is wide enough from every angle to ensure crystal clear viewing.

This cage is ideal for first-time hamster owners as its simple installation and novice pricing make it a durable option for your hamster without breaking the bank.

The Amazon Basics habitat guaranteed 1-year limited warranty is another excellent feature provided with this product, as hamsters can measure their homes’ strength.


Pleased consumers have praised the enclosure for its balcony for several reasons, which allows the hamsters to hide below to rest and relax.

The cage’s additional size enables the hamsters to occupy plenty of space to roam and exercise than conventional smaller pet-store cages. These are essential characteristics for the hamster’s health.

Many assemblies and usability simplicity have also been noted by many, which have added even more value to a product that reviewers agree on being sold for a very fair price.

The only downside to this cage appears to be that the bar width for extra small hamsters may be a little too wide, but unless you have a tiny hamster, the width should be tight enough to keep your hamster safe and secure.

Savic hamster heaven cage

If you are looking for a more compact alternative with a bright and colourful finish, look no further than the ‘Savic Hamster Heaven Cage.’

Savic has built an extremely sturdy cage suitable for your Syrian or dwarf hamsters, which is surprisingly durable and highly visible.

We loved all the numerous tubes, balconies, and hideaways provided in the heaven cage model,  and we’re sure your little hamster bunny will do it too.

If you have an adventurous little pet who likes to try and stick his head through the cage and escape into the night, this cage is also a great choice, as the 9.5 mm bar space keeps him friendly and safe 24/7.

One drawback we found was that the construction material’s consistency was slightly lower than the industry average. Still, this product would hold up just fine with good maintenance and daily cleaning.

We highly recommend this choice from Savic for anyone seeking a quality cage at a substantial value.


Reviewers were satisfied with the standard of construction, close bar spacing, and most of all, the colorful playground that breathes life into space and gives your hamster no reason not to get his or her workout in.

In addition, people are loving the cage size and have consistently claimed that it is the ideal size for their Syrian hamsters and provides their smaller dwarf hammies with an even more massive universe.

However, reviewers have noted that for robo hamsters, the cage could be slightly too broad, as the gap from the top to the base may be dangerous if they were to fall from the top.

Otherwise, the only other recurrent piece of constructive cage criticism is that people feel that the stand holding the exercise wheel is a bit flimsy and afraid that it will break down over time.

Ferplast hamster cage

The shallow price subject was initially a little doubtful but was pleasantly surprised at the content’s consistency, narrow bar spacing, and easy cleaning.

Ferplast was kind enough to include all the accessories at no additional cost.  It has turned out to be a great budget-friendly choice that will allow your hamster to freely run through the colorful tubing and get all the exercise that your precious hamster needs.

This is a great option for first-time hamster owners looking to make a small investment in a cage as they transition to hamster ownership.

We found that the water bottle can often leak, but otherwise, this is a fantastic and inexpensive choice to give your hamster an upgrade from their current habitat.


The feedback obtained from their clients by Ferplast has been overwhelmingly positive. This product has become a fan favorite among many first-time hamster owners looking for a cage that meets all of their essential needs for a low price point, despite a few consumer concerns about the cage being a little hard to clean.

A broad wave of customer feedback on the additional accessories available for purchase has also been given, as the Ferplast Laura enables Hamster owners to use their imagination to create a complex and exciting environment for their little bunny.

Health is often an integral aspect of hamster ownership that should be regarded by all hamster parents when choosing the correct enclosure. Reviewers were extremely pleased with the variety of exercises available, as the tunnels and tubes allow hamsters to get their much-needed cardio workouts.

Essential features to consider when choosing a hamster cage

  • Size: It is crucial to choose a cage that is the right size in creating a safe and happy atmosphere for your critter. We suggest you select a habitat with floor space of at least 360 square inches. An extensive study was conducted by a research group where they housed hamsters in different sized cages and analyzed their health for 14 weeks.

The researchers concluded that the results indicate that chronic stress is induced by housing in small cages. So note that bigger is often better when making your decision.

  • Materials: There are three primary choices when choosing which form of material you should look for, building or being built cage. This involves designs made of metal bars, plastic, or glass, each with its own set of advantages that will later be addressed. It’s important to personally consider the choices and determine which is best for you and your hamster.

Simple cleaning is an aspect of a hamster cage choice that is frequently ignored but monumentally important when considering that the recommended cleaning frequency is recommended once a week. This is where the most significant advantage is for wire cages, as there are usually several access points that allow quick access for cleaning.

  • Doors and entry: Look for cages that provide several entry points, allowing your hamsters and accessories to be easily removed for easy cleaning. Access points vary by model but look for one that gives you choices to find the best way to access and clean up with removable tops and bases. Usually, metal cages are a great choice and provide several entry points, but it would be simpler to assemble plastic and glass alternatives.
  • Hideaway: When buying a cage, hiding spaces are another often overlooked feature to consider. Hamsters are very private animals and need a sense of privacy in their homes to feel completely at ease in their surroundings. Look for accessories and deep foundations that make it possible for your pet rodent to feel like they have a place to go and get some much-needed rest. Accessories such as balconies, stairs, and mini-homes will help you provide your critter with this part successfully.
  • Inside\outside: It’s always good to know where you’ll store it for the majority of the time before buying a cage. For example, metal wire designs are perfect for indoor use but outside, they leave your hamster vulnerable to other animals preying on them. Plastic enclosures are a great hybrid choice for indoor and outdoor use, as they protect your hamster safely and give ventilation holes that are well suited to any climate.

Although glass options can be ideal for indoor and outdoor use, we suggest using their features mainly indoors. When exposed to exterior elements, securing the top of the glass container can be tricky.

  • Portability: The significance of portability varies from individual to person. If you’re someone who regularly flies with their hamster or relocates on a semi-frequent basis, then you definitely should consider portability. Key features include the weight and style of attachments when it comes to portability. To make traveling a hassle-free experience, search for a minimalist cage with attachable accessories.
  • Levels and balconies: Do not underestimate the importance of having a multi-level house with a balcony for your hamster. The different levels bring variety to their everyday adventures. While they can add a little effort in the cleaning department, it will make the look of appreciation more than worthwhile in the eyes of your little bunny.

There are many choices when selecting a cage with levels and balconies, but be careful in choosing a cage with more than two levels and consider potentially dangerous falls if the upper levels are too far from the foundation.

  • Metal bar and space: Your top priority should be protection, so the last thing you want is for the cage’s metal bars to be too large and allow your hamster to escape. Metal bar spacing varies significantly from product to product, but never buying a cage with more than 12.5 mm between bars is a good rule of thumb. If you own a smaller breed, such as a dwarf or robo, consider going with an even safer 10 mm or less alternative.
  • Durability: Hamsters can take a serious toll on a cage, so investing in a durable and well-made product that can withstand the energetic ruckus often imposed on their habitats is crucial. We have found that a well-made wire cage is worth the investment and will stand the test of time better than it’s plastic or glass counterparts.

How to use a hamster cage

Cage placement: Place your new cage in your house in a quiet and warm area. Hamsters aren’t fans of busy events or loud sounds, so keep cage away from TVs or living rooms. Noises and movements cause excessive discomfort for our furry bunny, and if placed in an area under a temperature of 10C, they will be forced into hibernation. 18 – 21C is ideal for the wellbeing and mood of hamsters.

Assemble with everything they need: When assembling your new cage, make sure that you have the following things to provide the best possible atmosphere for your hamster. They include sleeping areas and nest boxes, toys, heights, balconies, soft pieces of wood (to allow them to gnaw on a food tray), a water bottle, and a layer of sawdust or wood chips at the base to enable them to burrow.

Substrates placement: Hamsters are burrowing creatures by default, so it is important to have a deep substrate layer for them to navigate as they please. Sawdust, woodchips, coconut chips, and organic potting soil are excellent choices for filling the bottom of your cage floor.

Generosity with the hay: Whether your hamster likes to eat it or sleep on top of it, every animal loves a healthy amount of grass in their cages at all times. We suggest bringing 12 grams of hay daily into your cage to provide your bunny with the warmth and nutrients required to grow.

Hamster nutrients: Health and nutrition are key elements of your hamster’s wellbeing, so the veterinary recommendations ensure that your hamster receives 20 ml of water and 12 – 24 grams of food daily. They also love store-bought food mixes, consisting of pellets, seeds, and dried fruits. Chopped vegetables serve as a great alternative as well.

How to clean hamster cage

  • Step 1: Remove from the cage your hamster and all objects. Place all the accessories in a separate container and move them to the sink.
  • Step 2: We suggest washing just half of the accessories at times, as hamsters are susceptible to sudden odor changes, so cleaning out half of the accessories at a time helps them to smell their familiar odors and not get stressed because of a sudden change.
  • Step 3: Wipe the sides and base down, then replace the layer afterward. Place things inside and gently return the hamster to its familiar atmosphere.

Cage accessories

Hamster bedding: Cardboard, paper towels, toilet paper, and egg cartons can produce fantastic bedding solutions for your hamster cage. Be careful not to expose your little guy to any paper products with written ink because this can be harmful if swallowed.

Hamster nest: These nests are cozy little nooks for sitting and sleeping for your hamster, and they are completely adorable. They come in a range of types and sizes, so you can find a nest that suits their character.

Wheels: Researchers have found that a lack of exercise can lead to hamster osteoporosis, cartilage degeneration, and low articular cartilage maintenance. Wheels provide the ability for hamsters to get much-needed exercise throughout the day and relieve stress.

A general rule of thumb for wheels is to be a minimum of 16.5 cm for smaller animals, and if you are unsure of which size to get, certainly go for the bigger wheel to ensure your critter has a safe and pain-free exercise experience.

Dispenser for feeding and drinking: A wide range of drinking dispensers and feeding stations, from drinkers with 20 ml to 120 ml of water and feeding bowls of all grades and sizes, are available on the market. There are also available non-drip water bottle solutions to avoid creating a mess, as well as automated feeders that doll out pellets and food at preset time intervals.

Sand bathing: Sand baths are the safest and only way we suggest to clean your hamster. Water-based washing, notoriously for having oily skin, doesn’t get the job done when it comes to giving them the deep cleaning they want for the rest of the week to smell fresh and clean. Sand baths often have a super useful 2 for 1, in which hamsters also prefer to use their sand baths as a litter box, making it much easier to clean out the cages.

Toys and entertaining options: Many products, including plastic, wood, rubber, and fleece, are available for toys. There is no lack of toys available for hamsters on the market, but we suggest at least a couple of your toy choices with a wooden version, as this will both give them a source of amusement and allow them to gnaw on the wood and keep their teeth nice and trim. Tunnels, chewing toys, and wheels are all excellent entertainment sources for your furry friend.

Installing the cage

  • Decide the best location for the hamster cage: Place your new cage in your house in a safe, dry, and quiet place. Find a room that is farther away from those with TVs and lots of action. Usually, the house’s most peaceful space is the best choice for putting a hamster in its preferred setting.
  • Start preparing the bedding: Position the structure of the cage with bedding of 50 – 100 mm. Consider the DIY option of shedding pieces of toilet paper or paper towels.
  • Install Accessories: Start putting your accessory pieces inside the cage once you have found the right position and prepared the bedding. Do your best to scatter things around the environment and not position the hamster wheel directly under the balcony or stairs.
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