How to Clean a Rabbit Cage?

Rabbit Cage

Want to learn how to clean a rabbit cage in 2021, keep reading! Raising a rabbit or a handful of them is rather interesting or a bunch of hard work giving you hectic days.

For a better rabbit raising experience, you will need to game up by adopting devices like rabbit litter box, rabbit cage cleaning system, and some other stress-reducing systems.

Coming out clear to you, we’ve tested most of these devices and found them efficient; however, they’re expensive and at times bulky.

To help you overcome all of these cons while putting all of the benefits of raising a pet rabbit into your hands, we’ve had a few pet magazines with solid information studied, talked with vet experts, animal research scientist, and questioners with well-known pet stores to give you an easy-to-follow guide on how to clean a rabbit cage.

Take care of your rabbit house hassle-free without the need of a rabbit cage cleaning system using the best tips to clean your rabbit cage below.

I will take you through the daily cleaning tips for your rabbit cage, weekly tips for cleaning rabbit cage, the best way to cleaning rabbit litter boxes, and tips for cleaning rabbit cages. Let’s do this easily one by one.

Daily Rabbit Cage Cleaning Tips

Keeping your rabbit healthy goes beyond adequate feeding and water supply. An unhealthy rabbit cage means an unhealthy set of rabbits. These are the rabbit cage cleaning tips every day.

  • Wash the serving bowl or plates using soap and water, and finish by rinsing with clean water to get rid of the soap before serving your rabbit food in the morning.
  • Rinse the water bottle. If a brush is available, make use of it.
  • Scrape droppings sticking to the floor and add more straws to cover up
  • Pick fallen fur and throw away into the bin

Weekly Rabbit Cage Cleaning

  • Keep up with the daily cleaning listed above
  • Take out your rabbit toys if you have one, to wash with soap and water solution and then rinse with clean water
  • Change the fabric bedding to keep out the urine and droppings left there over the week
  • Wash clean the entire cage with a solution of hot water and soap to renew the cage’s health
  • Using a solution of bleach and water in a ratio 1:10 respectively, wash the floor before making a new bedding
  • Take out the cage, if small, and wash using water running through a hose.

Note: do not wash with bleach if the cage is made of wood as wood may absorb chemicals which can later harm your rabbits.

Cleaning Rabbit Litter Boxes

You may have up to three litter boxes and still be having it bad for your hopping white-fur pet. It’s not about how many litter boxes you have available to interchange that matter, it is how far you can go making sure of a clean litter box.

In fact, in my opinion, people with many litter boxes end up being the one with the most unhealthy rabbits. With the act of cleaning rabbit litter boxes being a drop-dead technique to add life to your rabbit and home, there is a bunch of helpful analysis to be cooked by cleaning your rabbit litter boxes.

See below the benefits of cleaning rabbit litter boxes.

  1. An adequate tidying of the litter will be a source of knowing how much those hopping animal excrete daily. This way, you will be informed on the kind of decision to make. Whether to increase the feed or decrease it. You may have to add some diets or grains as a way forward or take away some features.
  2. Cleaning your litter as specified above will let you know the health condition of your rabbit. It may save your rabbit’s life if you pay attention to the number of droppings you clean every day. Observing an increase in the urine smell of your pet may be a sign of pet disease. Take your rabbits to the vet immediately having this observation.
  3. A regular cleaning of your litter will give you an insight into how well you’ve been feeding those little guys. Symptoms of obese can be identified when cleaning the litter regularly, so never do without it.

Tips for Cleaning Rabbit Cages: How To Clean a Rabbit Cage

Here are the sure ways to keep your rabbit cage clean all day.

  • Keep in the right cage: an oversized cage may not be good for a single rabbit, on the other hand, a small cage may not only suffocate your rabbit but also get a rabbit cage get filled with droppings in short period.
  • Vinegar: cleaning up a cage, pet cage in general, is not an easy task. You have to check every day like a woman watching after her period. Chase the flies away if you can but nothing will stop the horrible smell. Aside from the smell, there are germs everywhere. Harmful micro-organisms you can’t see with your eyes. One of the wastes from rabbits that produce germs is the feces which contain bacteria and calcium salt. Calcium salt gets dry leaving sticky white substance on the floor. To have a perfect wash off, add vinegar to a clean hot water and use it to wash the cage on a monthly basis. However, vinegar has been observed by experts to contain ingredients that should be kept off the cage. This can be done by cleaning with an additional bucket of water after washing.
  • Litter trabbit: covering or raining with a well-prepared trabbit is not only a safety measure for rabbits. It makes the cleaning chore less hectic, so you can have much time to do other things. Rabbit keepers have been reported to find their pet healthier with quality rabbit, so never think twice before going for one.
  • Wash somewhere away from the kitchen: while this may be a protective device for you, it will also be keeping your rabbit accessories safe. So never wash accessories in the kitchen or bathroom, otherwise take the whole thing to the lawn and run a tap of water over it.
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