15 Animals With Big Lips and Their Pictures

animals with big lips
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Big lips may primarily be associated with primates, but other species possess them!

You might be astonished to learn that elephants and warthogs are among the animals with big lips.  

Our post list will list numerous variations in the size and shape of animal lips, especially animals with big lips!

Let’s go! 

1. Humphead Wrasse

The Humphead Wrasse is starting our list of animals with big lips.

It is a species of fish indigenous to tropical waters throughout the globe.

It received its name due to its large head, which resembles a camel, and its propensity to collide with other fish. 

Numerous locations, including Australia, New Zealand, India, and Vietnam, share the same longitude.

Additionally, it can be found in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. This fish is unusual due to its large lips and enormous size; it can develop up to 1.5 meters in length and weigh up to 10 kilograms.

2. Red-lip Batfish

The Red-lipped batfish is an uncommon and distinctive species that is exclusive to the Galapagos Islands.

It has an extraordinary appearance, with crimson lips that are enlarged, which contributes to its mystique. 

Interestingly, these animals with big lips are not harmful to humans, and their lips are designed for reproduction.

Scientists believe the fish’s bright red lips enable it to identify members of its own species and may even inspire romantic feelings.

3. White Rhinoceros

White rhinos are among the most powerful creatures in Africa.

These impressive animals with big lips are the second-largest land mammals on the entire African continent and live on grass expanses.

Their most distinguishing characteristic is their broad, squared lip, which serves the same purpose as a camel’s: to grasp and draw vegetation from the ground while grazing. 

Since these animals graze predominantly on low-lying vegetation, their lips can be quite useful.

In addition to their mouth, the pointed shape of the white rhinoceros’ lips is a critical factor in distinguishing it from the black rhinoceros.

4. Gourami

Gourami is also one of the animals with big lips. These colorful fish’s sociable nature and intelligence make them popular in aquariums.

Yet, many individuals are oblivious to their other peculiar qualities. 

Gouramis are endowed with protruding lips that allow them to filter food from the water when feeding, but there’s more to the story: Male gouramis also use their large lips to kiss each other!

This is typically done as a sign of aggression during a conflict for mates or territory.

5. Triggerfish

Triggerfish are among the most fascinating animals with big lips in the marine environment.

They are well-known for their triangular bodies and their ability to inflate like balloons when alarmed. 

However, one of their most notable characteristics is unquestionably their large lips.

These robust lips enable triggerfish to dig and scavenge through sandy ocean floors in search of prey, take up hard shells, and crush them with crushing strength.

6. Flowerhorns

Flowerhorn cichlids are notable for more than just their inflated forehead; owing to a condition known as duck lips, their lips can also swell to extraordinary proportions.

This condition, which causes the fish’s lips to swell, is distressing for the fish. Still, aquarium visitors are fascinated by the fish’s metamorphosis into one that appears to have swollen lips.

Fortunately, duck lips can typically be cured, and the flower horn’s health will recover. 

7. Orangutans

Orangutans are intriguing creatures with distinctive characteristics, most notably their lips.

Their lower lip stands out the most, as it is significantly larger than average and covered in a beard-like fuzz. 

Orangutans utilize these luscious lips in a remarkable manner; they are not merely for aesthetic purposes.

They generate calls by sucking air through their vocal sacs and other vocalizations, including grunts and squeaks!

In fact, they are likely the most similar animals to humans when it comes to mouth-to-mouth communication. 

8. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis monkeys are a magnificent spectacle. With their human-like features, their appearance can be somewhat unsettling. 

The large, pear-shaped nose that hangs and presumably conceals their lips is notable.

However, these lips are still essential for primates; they help them ingest and communicate with one another, just as they do for humans.

9. Star Sapphires

Star Sapphires, a threatened species of fish native to Tanzania’s Lake Malawi, is a sight to witness.

However, what sets them apart is their prominent upper lip.

Due to the stress they experience in the wild as a result of environmental pressures, there are now more of these animals with big lips in captivity than in the lake. 

One variation of this species, known as the Mdoka or White Lip, stands out due to its brightly colored and oversized lips!

These characteristics are truly remarkable when contrasted with these fish being less than 6 inches long.

10. Napoleon Fish

The enormous and mysterious fish discovered on the east coast of Africa is an awe-inspiring 370-pound creature.

In addition to its enormous girth, it has the largest lips of any fish.

There is no definitive answer to the question of what these large lips are used for, but experts believe they are used to suction up smaller fish. 

Unfortunately, this species is now considered endangered due to its accelerated population decline over the past few years.

Despite the impending threat of extinction, it remains one of the most remarkable animals, with big lips inhabiting the waters near the coast of Africa.

11. Big-lip Damselfish

The big-lipped damselfish is a remarkable animal! Huge lips, primarily found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, are impossible to overlook.

This fish’s notoriously large lips are nearly as wide as its face. It is advantageous for feeding on corals with a sharp skeleton, such as Acropora, which could otherwise cause injury. 

While grazing, the damselfish’s robust lips provide protection against slicing or scraping.

While the big-lip damselfish is renowned for having exceptionally large lips, many other species of fish also possess this characteristic.

12. Beluga Whale

Beluga whales are unique among marine mammals in that they have developed highly functional and expressive lips!

In fact, in addition to using their lips to grab and consume food, belugas use them to generate an astounding variety of facial expressions. 

For instance, they frequently form an ‘O’ with them to express various emotions, similar to how humans pronounce the word ‘wow.’

In addition, their cranium or melon also moves during communication. 

13. Hippos

Hippos are among the largest terrestrial animals with big lips on the planet, so it is not surprising that they have large jaws to help them navigate their environment.

In truth, those lips have evolved to be incredibly tough and resilient; they are not soft like human lips. 

This trait has become essential for their ability to grasp and rip out tough plants from the earth; their enormous teeth are protected by their even larger lips.

They use their large mouths to grasp and pull grasses prior to consuming them with their canines. 

14. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are a species of ape found in the forests of West and Central Africa.

These animals with big lips are our closest surviving relatives, and they share many similarities with humans.

For instance, their opposable digits enable them to use tools. 

Chimpanzees are extremely social animals that reside in troops. They pass their days searching for food, engaging in play, and grooming one another.

While chimpanzees are not presently endangered, deforestation and hunting are causing their populations to decline.

15. Camels

Camels are ending our list of animals with big lips. They are extremely unique animals with characteristics that may be unknown to even the most knowledgeable animal enthusiasts!

Camels have a seemingly baffling adaptation: their nostrils are split in half. 

You won’t believe these animals possess three functional lips instead of one, and their lips are so thick and resilient that they can readily graze on any type of food, including thorny vegetation.


Have you ever wondered why some animals have larger lips? Above our blog, it turns out that humans are not animals with big lips.

We hope our post has convinced you that some animals have bigger lips than humans. Keep exploring these magnificent creatures! 

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