20 Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Do you love cats? If yes, then you must be familiar with Tuxedo cats but if you are hearing this name for the first time, don’t worry as we are here for you.

Tuxedo cats are cats that possess a certain color pattern. They are distinguished with a black coat and white fur patches around their chest, belly, throat and paws.

Tuxedo cats are very charming and usually associated with lucky charms especially on the basis of good fortune and wealth.

With that in mind, Tuxedos cats are great to have at home, but before that, let’s look at 20 facts about them.

  1. Tuxedo cats are officially called bicolor cats

A bicolor cat is defined as a cat with black color as their primary color and white patches on some point such as belly areas.

When compared to other bicolor cats, they have a unique arrangement of the white patch which makes them unique and they are an admiration to have at home.

  1. Tuxedo cats are also called piebald

Well, don’t be confused here! Tuxedo cats are also called bicolor cats and interestingly, their other name is piebald, which comes from a good-looking white bird from the family corvid, known as Magpie.

  1. There is no Tuxedo cat breed

When most people are searching for cats to adopt, they do it by breed and end up being frustrated when they don’t find Tuxedo breed.

Well, the fact is that there is nothing like Tuxedo cat breed and their unique color patterns can be found in other cat breeds. And surprisingly, two tuxedo cats can’t mate to pass on their bicolor gene.

  1. The tuxedo cat is somehow a kind of camouflage

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered the purpose of the coat pattern in their repertoire? If you haven’t, you’ll be surprised to know that it helps them to stay hidden and tuxedo cat is an exceptional example.

They are distinguished with black color on the top and a white patch on chest and belly and this makes it impossible to be spotted from above and we can say they are camouflaged.

  1. Tuxedo cats are not rare

With their uniqueness, many people may think it’s impossible to find tuxedo cats. Surprisingly, there are many cats across the world with the genes for bicolor kittens.

Actually, a cat with a black coat and white patches qualifies to be a tuxedo cat and therefore, there is no shortage of tuxedo cats and if you want to adopt one, you’ll, without doubt, find one.

  1. There’s no reason for tuxedo cats to cost more than other cats

It goes without saying that tuxedo cats are unique, but that doesn’t mean they should be more expensive than other cats.

Even though it’s not easy to breed cats for a particular color pattern, you’re likely to find kittens in a litter that resembles a tuxedo kitty and should have the same price as any other cat.

  1. Tuxedo cats can have socks

Did you know that tuxedo cats have socks? Well, I’m sure this fact has left you wondering how an animal can have clothing but the truth is that we are not talking about the clothing aspect, but if you look at tuxedo cats keenly, you’ll realize that they have white paws that resemble socks.

As a matter of fact, if seeing tuxedo cat for the very first time and have a glimpse at their paws, your first impression will be that they are wearing socks.

  1. There’s a Tuxedo cat that lived in the White House

Tuxedo cats are among the most adorable cats you can ever find. In 1991, Chelsea Clinton was leaving her piano lesson when an adorable cat jumped into her arms.

The Clintons adopted the cat and named him Socks and in 1992, they took him to the White House. Socks loved his new home and mostly snoozed in the Oval Office, the office of the Betty Currie, and a wing in the West Wing.

Socks lived for 20 years and died in 2009. This means that the tuxedo cat is such a lovely cat and if you want to adopt him, you already know he once lived in the White House.

  1. Tuxedo is as excellent as any other cat

Many people associate the personality of the cat with its color and given that tuxedo is black and white, many people believe he is affectionate and friendly.

However, tuxedo’s temperament is just like any other cat based on how you raise him. Therefore, treat your tuxedo right and he will be the best cat you’ve ever had.

  1. Tuxedo cats have bowties

Tuxedo cats are adorable and you can spend your precious time from minutes to hours just admiring him. He has a black coat on top and a white patch on the chest. Interestingly, you’ll find a black spot on the white chest which resembles a bowtie.

  1. Their lifespan is just like that of other breeds

Well, many people associate the lifespan of the tuxedo with the color of their coat but the fact is that tuxedo’s lifespan depends on how they are raised, the environment they’re raised in, and their genetics.

This means that they are just like any other cat breed and their lifespan can be influenced by inherited diseases.

  1. There’s a tuxedo cat in the British foreign office

Apart from tuxedo cat living in the White House, there’s a tuxedo cat by the name Palmerston living in Britain’s foreign office.

Palmerston was rescued from London’s streets and is currently enjoying snoozing in the UK’s most illustrious government buildings.

  1. Tuxedo cats have mustaches

Tuxedo cats are so adorable and their beauty is unaccountable. Even though not all tuxedo cats have this quality, some are born with a white spot slightly above their mouth that resembles a mustache.

Others have a white face with a black mustache but either way, it looks them stunning.

  1. Tuxedo cats are wild at heart

Tuxedo cats are very adorable. They have found their place in the White House and Britain’s foreign office.

This should not be mistaken because tuxedo comes from the same family as cheetah, tiger, puma, jaguar and other big cats, and this means that the docile cat you see is still wild at heart and can exhibit instinctive behavior when provoked.

  1. Tuxedo cats require meat

Cats are carnivore meaning that they require meat to survive. If you want your tuxedo cats to live happily and healthy, ensure that you provide him with food rich in protein.

  1. Tuxedo cats have already made their way into video games

Tuxedo cats are some of the most passionate pets one can bring at home. Interestingly, the love of these dogs is prominent and people can’t hide how adorable he is.

Minecraft is a popular video game featuring different animals and one of the most noticeable animals is definitely a tuxedo.

  1. Tuxedo cats are making their way into the music industry

Deadmau5 is an electronic artist and is very proud of his tuxedo cat which has appeared on album covers and is regarded as ‘Professor Meowingtond PhD.

  1. Dark colored cats are not at any risk around roads

Many people have a perception that dark-colored cats are less visible on the roads which increase their risks of an accident.

However, this perception is incorrect because according to experts, the color of the cat’s coat doesn’t play any part as long as the safety of the cat on the road is concerned.

  1. Tuxedo cats are everywhere

It goes without saying that cats are among the most common pets in every homestead. But you’ll be surprised to know that black cats with white spots are the most common and they could be a tuxedo.

  1. The reputation of tuxedo cats precedes them

So much has been said about tuxedo cats and you can gather as much information about them as you want through a Google search.

Some of the qualities you’ll find are that tuxedo cats are intelligent, lovely, and cute. Interestingly, all these qualities are not an exaggeration; they are a true definition of how tuxedo cats are.

Bottom line

Pets have become part of human existence and many people choose what to adopt based on their appearance. If you are looking for a passionate yet beautiful cat to bring at home, a tuxedo cat will be a perfect choice.

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