Pipefish: Profile and Information


Pipefish is an interesting type of fish. It is long and skinny and looks sort of like a skinny pipe. This is a medium-sized saltwater fish.

This fish is not aggressive and does best in a large aquarium tank.

Pipefish Description

This fish is a cousin of the seahorse. It has a long and straight body. The mouth of this fish is long and like a pipe. This fish is a very slow swimmer since they have only one dorsal fin. The fish likes to move around by drafting in the currents.

The pipefish is very curious and will take some time to explores its environment.


The Pipefish lives in tropical to a subtropical climate. As long as the water is warm the pipefish can live in oceans all around the world. They are pretty tolerant of different water conditions and levels.

Color of the Pipefish

Many of the pipefish that people put into their saltwater aquariums are bright and can be red or green. They can also come in different shades of orange, purple, and brown. They are a very pretty fish and do have a mouth area just like that of a seahorse.

Care for the Pipefish

Since this fish is not a strong swimmer it lives best in an aquarium that has a very slow current. They will drift around the tank. They also like to hide in rocks and coral.

While this fish is peaceful and will not be aggressive it is best to have it live in an aquarium where there are only other types of seahorses. Since they are slow moving, they are not able to compete for food against other types of fish.

It may be hard for them to get food in a tank with other fish with two fins. They often live in groups and will grab on to each other’s tail to form something that looks like a train.

Some seahorses will also hang on to the tail of the pipefish and catch a ride. This can be rather amusing to look at. These fish are tolerant of many different types of water conditions.

Feeding the Pipefish

This fish likes to eat brine and ghost shrimp. They also like to eat amphipods that live on the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium. Be sure that there is enough food in the take for all of the pipefish that are in there.

Breeding the Pipefish

This pipefish will have the female lay the eggs in a pouch that is on the front of the male. The male will carry around the eggs until they have. He will then take care of the young until they are able to swim on their own.

The pipefish is an interesting looking fish to watch swim around the aquarium. They are brightly colored and are easy to take care of. They will make a great addition to the aquarium and can be very fun for a person to sit back and watch.

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