How Much Does a Corn Snake Cost?

how much does a corn snake cost
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Have you ever wondered how much does a corn snake cost? If yes, then this article is for you. 

A handful of snake species stand out as the most popular choice regarding snake ownership. Among them are corn snakes, boa constrictor snakes, and ball pythons. 

Due to their amiable nature, breathtaking beautiful snake look, and very manageable size, corn snakes have gained enormous popularity in the reptile community. 

Even though it’s evident that these snakes make excellent pets, many concerns could surface if you consider getting one. How much does a corn snake cost specifically? 

According to our calculations, the first year of corn snake ownership typically costs between $375 and $1150, with subsequent years costing between $160 and $395. 

Additionally, the good news is that snakes have a comparatively modest cost of ownership when compared to other well-known animals—at least a majority of the time. 

Before deciding, you should know all the expenses of owning a pet snake, especially the average cost.

While the initial cost of purchasing a pet snake is significant, it is equally necessary to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance. 

Type Of Corn Snake

Since we have learned how much does a corn snake cost, let’s take a look at the different types of corn snakes.

Researching types and cost is essential if you are interested in owning a corn snake. Below are a few classes and their price: 

Albino Corn Snake Price

It’s relatively common to find combinations of this gene and albino corn snakes.

Usually bright orange or crimson with pink undertones, these snakes look like that, and their eyes are pink or orange. 

For about $100, you can purchase a basic albino corn snake. Furthermore, prices start to increase once you use combos like creamsicle or tessera, and some of the expensive uncommon genes cost $400 or more. 

Classic Corn Snake Price

Depending on the specific genes and the snake’s age, a traditional corn snake can cost anywhere from $60 to $100.

Depending on the sex and other traits the snake may have, more exotic colors like albino, blooded, and lavender corn snakes can cost $200-300. 

Normal corn snakes display the species’ usual wild, beautiful colors, and markings. However, normal corn snakes are among the least expensive and often have brown or red tones. 

Most will cost less than $80. Normal corn snakes that either lack scales or have the DNA to do so are the only exception.

Even though they lack scales, scaleless corn snakes still have the same pattern on their skin. 

Even if they have the wild colors, scaleless corn snakes cost at least $650, and similar prices or even $1000 are paid for snakes that have been shown to contain the gene and have produced scaleless offspring. 

Okeetee Corn Snake Price

Okeetee is the name given to a particular wild color variety of corn snakes.

They have more muscular black lines surrounding the saddles and a deeper red tackle marking than a typical corn snake. 

Most snakes with this name in the pet trade are descended from a wild variety of corn snakes. A typical Okeetee corn snake will cost less than $100, especially if it has browner in its coloring. 

Instead of black, the reverse Okeetee has white or pink. Usually, they cost around $150. Depending on their rarity, additional genes will cost $200 or more. 

Corn Snake Enclosure & Accessories

Corn snakes can’t be tossed into an empty tank and expected to survive, just like most other living things.

For these snakes to remain content and healthy, their enclosure must satisfy specific environmental requirements.  

The primary goal is to construct a chamber that mimics a corn snake’s native habitat as closely as possible. Many other charges will arise during the construction of this ideal enclosure.

Fortunately, many of these expenses only need to be paid once during the initial setup of your corn snake’s habitat because they are one-time expenditures. 

In conclusion, I hope this article help you answer the question how much does a corn snake cost and more. Corn snakes are relatively inexpensive creatures. 

A typical corn snake costs less than $160, and price increases for unique colors can reach $1150 and beyond. 

If you own a corn snake, be aware of the cost of the snake, the price of the necessary equipment and setup, so that customers will know what to anticipate. 

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