6 Different Types of Cockroaches in Texas

Different Types of Cockroaches in Texas
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There’s a strong probability you’ve seen different types of cockroaches in Texas.

Even though they each have distinctive qualities, they all have one thing in common: they are all quite bothersome and challenging to eliminate.

We’ll discuss each variety of cockroaches in this blog post and offer extermination advice. Let’s get going.

Different Types of Cockroaches in Texas

1. Smokybrown Cockroach

Smoky Brown is one of the different types of cockroaches in Texas. The most prevalent cockroach species in Texas are smokey-brown cockroaches.

These insects measure 13 to 16 mm in length and range in colour from reddish brown to black. On their backs, they feature a recognizable smoky brown band.

Smokybrown cockroaches are normally found outside, but if they can locate an entrance, they can also be found indoors.

As a result of their attraction to both food and wetness, these pests are frequently seen in bathrooms and kitchens.

Because smokey brown cockroaches are omnivorous, they will consume nearly everything. Although they are frequently spotted foraging for food, these pests will consume plants and other insects. A smokybrown cockroach eats decaying organic materials, other insects, and plant stuff.

A female smoke-brown cockroach can lay up to 200 eggs in her lifespan. They breed swiftly. These pests frequently lay their eggs near food supplies in cracks and fissures.

Eliminating smokybrown cockroaches’ food and water sources is the most effective control method. Remember that clutter attracts cockroaches, so keep your home tidy and clutter-free. Contacting a reputable pest control business is best if you have a cockroach problem.

2. Asian Cockroach

Although Asian cockroaches are different types of cockroaches in Texas as they are not native, they were brought there by international trade.

These cockroaches resemble German cockroaches in appearance. However, they are a little bigger. Asian cockroaches have wings that allow them to fly and are dark brown in colour.

Lights attract these bugs, which are most active at night. They normally reside outside, but when they need food or water, they will enter a house.

Due to their rapid reproduction and excellent concealment abilities, Asian cockroaches can be challenging to eradicate.

Tropical and subtropical regions are the most typical habitats for Asian cockroaches. In pursuit of food and water, Asian cockroaches will enter homes where they normally reside. Asian cockroaches are drawn to lights and frequently fly in their direction.

As scavengers, Asian cockroaches will consume almost everything. Female Asian cockroaches lay up to 20 egg capsules in a lifetime. About 30 eggs are contained in each capsule.

Due to their rapid reproduction and excellent concealment abilities, Asian cockroaches can be challenging to eradicate.

Preventing these pests from ever entering your home is the easiest approach to getting rid of them. First, close all windows and doors, and fix any outside cracks or holes in your home. Then, if you have an infestation, seek assistance from a reputable pest treatment business.

3. Brown-banded Cockroach

Normally, brown-banded cockroaches reach lengths of around 1/2 inches. While the ladies’ wings only cover about two-thirds of their abdomen, males often have fully developed wings and are slightly larger than females.

While both sexes are capable of flying, they rarely do so inside. These different types of cockroaches in Texas have two dark brown bands running across their wings and are often light brown in colour.

Although they are less prevalent than some of the other varieties in Texas, brown-banded cockroaches can still be found in residences and commercial buildings.

Brown-banded cockroaches are frequently seen on ceilings and high shelves and are particularly active at night.

Because they thrive in warm, humid surroundings, these cockroaches are frequently found in kitchens and restrooms.

Brown-banded cockroaches live close to people without being observed and are less aggressive than certain other cockroach species.

Females have a lifetime egg-laying capacity of up to 20 capsules, each containing roughly 18 eggs. The best course of action if you have a brown-banded cockroach infestation is to call a reputable pest control business.

A skilled exterminator can locate the issue’s origin and eliminate the infestation utilizing safe, efficient procedures.

4. Oriental Cockroach

The largest common Cockroach in Texas is the oriental Cockroach. It can get up to an inch and a half long, is shiny black and has a long, narrow body.

The waterbug or black beetle cockroach are other names for the oriental Cockroach. An oriental cockroach is a dark brown or black roach you once saw in your home. Indoors, you can find them next to water sources and in wet regions outside.

Female oriental cockroaches can produce up to 20 egg capsules during their existence. About 16 eggs are contained in each capsule.

Although Oriental cockroaches can reproduce all year long, the spring and summer are usually when they produce the most eggs.

Eliminating their food and water sources is the most effective technique to manage oriental cockroaches. Clear your home of rubbish, decomposing organic materials, or extra dampness.

Fix any leaks and plug any gaps or holes that can let them in. For treatment alternatives, you might need to speak with a pest control specialist if you have an infestation.

5. German Cockroach

Texas may have different types of cockroaches, but German cockroaches are very common. They reach a maximum length of around 1.5 inches and are light brown or tan in colour.

German cockroaches frequently inhabit residences and are brought in boxes or sacks. Because they multiply so quickly, these cockroaches are challenging to eradicate.

Contacting a qualified exterminator is the best way to eradicate German cockroaches. German cockroaches generally inhabit houses and flats.

Crumbs, grease, and soap are just a few foods that German cockroaches consume. Female German cockroaches can lay up to 40 eggs at once. A pouch, an ootheca, which is attached to the female’s belly, carries the eggs.

Female German cockroaches can produce up to 40 eggs simultaneously during reproduction. The female keeps the eggs in an ootheca, a pouch attached to the female’s abdomen.

German cockroaches have a three-stage life cycle that includes egg, nymph, and adult stages. Nymphs are molted six times before maturing and are miniature replicas of adults. Adults have a maximum lifespan of one year. Hiring a qualified exterminator is the best approach to getting rid of German cockroaches.

The German Cockroach is frequently shipped in cartons or sacks. Before bringing them inside, examine all packages and bags to keep them out of your house.

6. American Cockroach

The biggest Cockroach in Texas is the American Cockroach. They reach a length of three inches and are either dark brown or reddish-brown in colour.

These different types of cockroaches in Texas are cockroaches people can see at eateries, supermarkets, and medical facilities.

Typical habitats for the American Cockroach include wet basements, sewers, and drains. They are also typically found in industrial kitchens and bakeries.

The rear of the American Cockroach is a yellowish stripe and is dark brown or reddish-brown in color. They have long, slender antennae and are roughly three inches long.

American cockroaches are nocturnal, light-loving insects. While they can fly, it is only for brief distances. Additionally drawn to food and wetness, these cockroaches frequently penetrate homes in quest of nourishment.

The main diet of American cockroaches is decomposing organic materials, but they will also consume plants and other insects.

Female American cockroaches lay up to 50 eggs at one time. The female carries the hard-shelled case containing the eggs until they hatch after the eggs are laid in it.

The American Cockroach lays its eggs in a case with a hard shell, which the female carries around until the eggs hatch. The American Cockroach’s primary natural predators include birds, bats, and lizards.

You must eliminate American cockroaches’ food sources and plug any openings where they might get into your house if you want to f them. You might also need to apply insecticide baits or sprays to eliminate them.


The different types of cockroaches in Texas are German, American, Asian, Smokybrown, Brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches.

All three of these cockroach species are present in homes and businesses throughout the state.

Despite having various appearances, cockroaches all have several things in common. The long, dark-coloured antennae of cockroaches allow them to fly. Additionally, they get close to contaminated and tight areas.

Contact a reputable pest control firm for help if you suspect you have cockroaches in your house or place of work.

An expert in pest control will be able to determine the species of cockroaches infesting your property and suggest the most effective line of action.

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