How Many Different Types of Doves Are There?

How Many Different Types of Doves Are There
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Are you trying to differentiate between the types of doves you see every day in your garden or backyard? How many different types of doves are there? Doves are popular as house pets, but many people aren’t familiar with over 30 species of Dove worldwide.

While doves are very common, differentiating between the different species can be difficult, especially if you are not an expert on this subject.

To help you distinguish between these types of doves, we have compiled a list of the classes you may encounter in your area and some details about how to tell them apart.

How Many Different Types of Doves Are There?

Doves are a type of bird that is often associated with peace. How many different types of doves are there? There are many types of doves, but they all have the same body shape and color. There are so many kinds that it’s hard to list them all!

1. Eurasian Collared Dove

How many different types of doves are there? There are several types of a dove. The Eurasian Collared Dove is one type. They live in the open grasslands and desert regions of Europe and Asia. However, they can also be found in Africa and Asia.

As a result, the species has been given protection by most countries where it lives. Some people keep their pets because they like their appearance and want to help protect them. 

The species was first discovered in Spain in 1600. It’s been a popular pet since then and has even been featured on some TV shows.

2. Stock Dove

These are types of doves that you might see around your home, the stock dove. The stock dove is considered more minor and more common in colder climates.

They eat mostly seeds and grains but will also eat insects if given the opportunity. In some cultures, it’s traditional to release white doves at weddings as symbols of peace.

Stock doves are not famous among those who keep birds because they may carry lice and tend to chew things like electrical cords

3. Ringed Turtle Dove

The Ringed Turtle Dove is a medium-sized dove found in Asia and Australia. It is notable for its distinctive patterning on the neck feathers, which look like rings.

The Ringed Turtle Dove has a body length of 17 to 20 cm and weighs between 60 to 85 grams. Ringed turtle doves tend to get along with other birds, making them good pets for those wanting to keep them in care.

Females have dark brown rings around their necks, while males have black rings. The ringed turtle dove is less common, but they’re larger than stock doves and live in warmer climates. 

How many different types of doves are there? These types of doves feed primarily on grain seeds and will nest in trees or other high places where they can lay eggs out of reach from predators.

Their nests consist of twigs lined with leaves and grasses. They also will roost in large numbers during the night.

4. Mourning Dove

The Mourning Dove is the most common type of Dove in North America. Mourning Doves only live for a year, so they can’t be considered long-lived.

They eat seeds, fruit, and insects to survive. They don’t usually drink water because they get most of their moisture from their food.

They make sounds that sound like cooing to communicate with each other. How many different types of doves are there?

These doves are monogamous, meaning they have one mate for life, or at least until one partner dies. They also have limited mobility; their wings are too small to allow them to fly very high up into the sky. 

They often use trees and rocks as lookout spots while on the ground. If they feel threatened by an animal (or person), they will often fly away, but if it’s an animal that poses no threat, they will go back down again after circling once or twice.

5. Black-Chinned Dove

The Black-chinned Dove is a small, dark dove. They have dark brown eyes and black feathers on their chin and throat.

They are found in the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It has a high-pitched call that can be heard up to 5 miles away.

How many different types of doves are there? These doves mostly eat see but so insects and tree frogs. Two subsites differ slight y in size and appearance.

The (black-chinned) White-tipped Dove is more significant than its counterpart, with white tips on its wings instead of just one spot on each wing.

6. African Turtle Dove

How many different types of doves are there? There are main types of Dove. The African Turtle Dove is the type most commonly seen in North America. However, it is a large, long-necked dove found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

They have a distinctive white stripe and yellowish-green on their bodies. The European Turtle Dove has two varieties: dark and pale green.

They are often called simply turtles or migratory doves in North America. Their color varies from brown to gray to pinkish red, with a bit of orange around t e breast area. 

7. Blue Ground-Dove

The Blue Ground-Dove is the most common type of Dove. It’s found worldwide, though it prefers to live in warmer climates. These doves are small, slender birds with long tails and wingspan.

The blue ground dove has a light brown body with bluish-gray feathers on its head and neck. Its legs are also bluish-gray, while its eyes are orangey-red. They eat seeds, plants, insects, snails, and other animals that dwell near their habitats.

During the breeding sea, these doves usually lay one egg per clutch. They can typically be found foraging for food during the day and roosting at night in tall trees or bushes. Their wings will flap continuously until they come to rest at their sleeping site.

8. Homing Dove

The Homing Dove is not just one type of Dove but a variety of related pigeons. They have been bred for many centuries to serve different purposes.

Their homing ability is their most common trait, but they come in colors ranging from cream to black and white.

They are domesticated and can be found in many countries worldwide. One notable difference between types is that some breeds are better at flying, and others are better at being pets. 

How many different types of doves are there? Some types of doves have more desirable feat ers because they’re used by people who want to make fancy headdresses or accessories. The standard colors are black and white, but some breeds also have red or blue heads.

9. Zenaida Dove

There are many different types of doves are there? But the most common type is the Zenaida dove. It is a medium-sized bird with a long, slender tail and a small head. They are found in North America, Central America, and South America.

They are typically white or light grey and have red eyes. The Zenaida dove has been spotted as far north as Alaska, but it is much more commonly seen in warmer climates. 

The Zenaida dove can be found living in urban areas such as Chicago or New York City to rural areas like Nebraska. They are often seen at parks feeding on the ground or perched on tree branches.

10. Black-Billed Wood Dove

How many different types of doves are there? There are many dove types, but the black-billed wood dove is the most common.

These types of doves have long tails with a dark gray or blackish color. The wing feathers w ll typically have some gray on them, and t e head will be primarily black.

They are found in North America and Mexico, making their home in trees near rivers, streams, and ponds.

Wood doves make their nests out of twigs and leaves from where they live, which can be found high in trees or low to the round, depending on how close they are to water sources.

Female wood doves lay two eggs simultaneously, hatching about two weeks apart. The male does not take part in raising the young and lives separately until the offspring are old enough to mate.

11. White-Winged Ground-Dove

The white-winged ground-dove is a small, compact body with short legs and a long neck. The belly is typically buff or yellowish with some black markings, while the back and wings are either brown or gray. They are found in southeastern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.

The white-winged ground-dove prefers to live in open areas such as forest clearings and agricultural fields.

They feed on seeds, grasses, roots, fruits, berries, insects, and small animals. They are known for their lovely song, which can be heard from a mile away.

The song lasts about 2 seconds, consists of 6-8 notes, and sounds like a choo repeated three times. White-winged Ground-Doves will nest anywhere from six to ten feet off the ground in trees, shrubs, on bushes.

12. Fruit Dove

How many different types of doves are there? There are many types of doves, but one that you may not have heard of is the fruit dove.

The fruit dove is a small, colorful bird with an unusual diet. To survive, the fruit dove will eat fruits, flowers, and other edible materials.

Fruit doves are found all over the world, and they generally live in tropical climates. Fruit doves can be found in Australia, Africa, Japan, and more! The most significant difference between the two types of doves is their size. 

Fruit doves are more miniature than mourning doves, which range from 6-8 inches long, while fruit doves only measure 4-5 inches long.

Another difference between these two birds is the type of habitat they prefer. Mourning doves prefer habitats that contain open spaces and dense vegetation, while fruit doves only like habitats with lush greenery.

13. Namaqua Dove

The Namaqua dove is a variety of the typical rock dove. It is found in Africa and is relatively large. The feathers on its head are an iridescent, deep purple color, and it has a long, pointed tail.

It also has dark blue eyes with a black spot on them which helps them to see better in the light because their pupil does not contract as quickly as other birds. 

It feeds mainly on seeds and plants but will also eat insects when available. They can be found in areas with trees or shrubs to protect them from predators.

The breeding season for these doves starts during the dry season when water sources become available again.

14. Diamond Dove

If you have ever wondered how many different types of doves there are? You may be surprised to find that there is a clear answer. These birds can be found worldwide, and there are at least 35 species. 

The Diamond Dove is one species observed in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Oceania. This Dove will live in groups, so you may have a good chance of seeing them flying overhead or sitting on telephone wires.

15. Croaking Ground Dove

The Croaking Ground-Dove is also called the Croaking Ground-dove or the Croaking Ground Dove. It is a small, brown dove with a distinctive croak in the West Indies, Central America, and parts of northern South America. 

The Croaking Ground Dove feeds on seeds, fruits, and insects. It likes to inhabit areas near water. It does not migrate but often stays in one place for the winter.

16. Zebra Dove

How many different types of doves are there? There are many types of doves, but the most common ones are the rock dove and the zebra dove.

The rock dove is primarily white with black bars on its wings. The zebra dove combines black and chestnut brown with some white markings. 

They both have a red band around their neck, which helps them stand out in the wild against predators. The two species are very similar, though the rock dove tends t be more significant than its cousin.

Another critical difference between these birds is that the zebra dove can’t fly as high or as far as other doves can.


How many different types of doves are there? Many people think the only kind of Dove is the white one with blue eyes, but there are different types of doves. The most common Dove is the White-winged Dove. These are found in a variety of colors, and they have dark blue eyes.

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